Voice Actor


His voice is familiar and timeless to the world. 
A trusted voice used in almost every form of media.
Viewers of your projects and presentations will feel at home the moment they hear Brian's voice. 

Movie Trailers

Movie trailers have their own sound.  They have a unique interpretation, that is unlike any promo or commercial. 
That's why movie trailers are voiced by a select few. 
Brian Lee's voice is one that studios and trailer houses consistently turn to, to promote their releases. 
His voice is instantly recognizable, which brings familiarity and credibility to the movie release.

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Network Television

Brian's voice has always had a home on network and cable. 
Even in a challenging and changing world of voiceover, the network world always seems to circle back around to Brian to get that "sound" ...
You have to be a producer to understand it, really.   
When the promo needs the perfect interpretation, the perfect timing, the perfect draw, the perfect weight....
The perfect GLUE....
Brian's voice just makes it all work.

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The world has been listening to Brian promote sports for years. 
Brian is the signature voice for MLB Network.
The Hallmark voice for NBC Sports and solidified the phrase "Sunday Night is Football Night" on NBC.
Promoting the Superbowl on CBS
And driving home promos for PGA and GOLF.
There is a sound for sports, and no one does it better than Brian.

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There is a cool factor with young audience promos.
Brian's voice doesn't patronize young viewers, he sells the promo perfectly every time, why?
He's a kid at heart.
There is a special range in kid's promos that Brian can execute effortlessly.
It takes acting chops and finely-tuned energy and flow to make it entertaining, exciting, and funny for the young audience.
Brian's voice sets up every sound-byte perfectly, giving kids programming a polished edge that is unmatched.

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Television Stations

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philly, Dallas, Boston, Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, Kansas City, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Denver, Pheonix, Orlando, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Charlotte, OKC, Nashville, Richmond.
In fact, Brian is the signature television station voice in over 35 TV markets in the US. 
There is a flow to news promos that is much like playing an instrument.  Scripts must be voiced in a way where visuals impact perfectly. 
Brian's extensive background in television post-production gives him an edge. 
A news promo is not a commercial. 
A news promo is a small story, that teases the full story.  Brian is the industry's leader in television station voiceover.

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